Feautures LC Diet Professional

LC diet 3.0 is a software for dieticians and nutritionists here we list the features:

✅ LC Diet 3 Professional is an application for processing custom diets.

Through your physical status, you can know your dietary requirements and therapeutic ration: that is, how many calories your diet should be.

A software to process personalized diets is very useful to lose weight by eating while maintaining your needs and eating habits.

A software for dieticians and nutritionists for those who who create food menus and diets for their customers.

A software for bodybuilders who will have to create their own food menus balancing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats.

But LC diet 3.0 is also used by people who want to follow a diet with the help of a software having the ability to maintain a balanced diet for much longer.

The recommended diets, found on the Internet, in newspapers are always far from your eating habits for this reason it is advisable to create your own food menu; and it is for this reason that LC diet is the most used program among dieticians and nutritionists.

LC diet 3.0 is indicated:

☑ for users who want to have a healthy diet.

☑ for users who want to lose weight by creating their own diets.

☑ for dieticians and nutritionists who want to create ad hoc personalized diets for their customers.

☑ for gyms, fitness institutes, football teams and other sports.


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LC Diet 3 Professional responds to the following characteristics:

⭐ Ease of use with instant guidance and explanation of each button.

⭐ Entry of personal data and processing thereof.

⭐ Printable personal summary card with your calorie needs, BMI, % fat mass, and sports calories to achieve your desired goals.

⭐ User customization with photos of diet start and physical status.

⭐ Calculate calories, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids for each food.

⭐ Control card and chart of weight performance.

⭐ Unlimited user input (function appreciated by nutritionists and dieticians)

⭐ Unlimited diets input that you can apply to users.

⭐ Unlimited food insertion per meal.

⭐ Multi-diet insertion-multi-user useful function to be able to apply multiple diets to the same user. This type of function is very useful in order to create different diets to then be able to apply to users with user-by-user customization.

⭐ Inserting recipes possibility to create recipes to insert them into the diet, the same will be printed with ingredients and method of preparation.

⭐ Total micronutrients per meal and per day.

⭐ Graph of each food entered in the menu.

⭐ Standard pre-inserted diet applicable to each user.

⭐ Personalized weekly printable diet, with the ability to choose the foods you prefer or need.

⭐ Store more than 700 foods with the possibility of being able to insert other foods.

⭐ Weekly diet print with possibility to edit exportable to Word at any time.

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LC diet 3.0 has substantial novelties that make it a highly professional software.

1) Multi-user Multi-diets important news, many nutritionists are used to create dozens of diets to then customize to their patients. With LC diet 3.0 you can preview diets to then apply to patients and then customize. The diet applied can be replaced and the same remains stored and personalized.

2) Enter recipes. Very useful to be able to create recipes to be included in diets.

3) Insert notes at each meal in order to specify the methods of preparation of the foods themselves. Nutrition professionals usually use excel to be able to elaborate diets precisely because managers are too limited in being able to draw up a diet. The note leads to facilitate the explanation of the diet itself.

4) total nutrients always available which helps to elaborate diets with maximum management.

These above are just the main novelties LC diet 3.0, but have been adopted a myriad of tricks that make the software more professional, faster and above all easier to use.

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Software for nutritionists LC Diet 3 Professional

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