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LC Diet Freeware is the first professional free diet software program.



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LC Diet Freeware is a free diet software for processing customized diets it responds to the following features:

– Weekly diet creation with calorie indication of each food and calculation total calories.

– Preinserted diets also for pathologies.

– Personalized weekly printable diet, with the ability to choose the foods you prefer or need.

– Archive of more than 3000 foods, to choose and include in your weekly diet

With this software program write a diet calculate calories printing a personalized diet has never been easier. And then it’s free.

These listed above are just the main aspects of the application.

The strong innovation of this application compared to competing applications is the possibility to create your own diets following your calorie needs.

It is important to have a careful information about the foods ingested and without subjecting yourself to the stress of diets not adapted to your eating habits.

The user who uses this software can maintain a low calorie regime without changing tastes and eating habits.

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– for users who want to have a healthy diet.

– for users who want to lose weight.

– for dieticians and nutritionists who want to create a personalized diet for their customers.