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Diet Software for nutritionists, free program to create weekly 


LC Diet Freeware

LC Diet Freeware

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Download the program, calculate your physical status and make your favorite diets.

LC Diet freeware is the first free program to create a personalized diet.

LC Diet is not only used by nutritionists and dieticians, but also by bodybuilders, gyms, spas, and athletes of all kinds.

LC Diet software gives anyone the ability to create a personalized diet and calculate the calories of their meals.

LC Diet is also used in the treatment of certain pathologies such as diabetes, irritable bowel, gastrointestinal disorders.

LC Diet Freeware can also be as a calorie counter and also as a food diary.

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But if you need a high-level software you can also buy LC Diet 3 Professional in full version.

Nutritionists ssoftware LC Diet 3.0 Professional

£ 77.00

LC Software programs are designed specifically for users, patients, nutritionists, dieticians, operators, specialists in the field of dietology and nutrition.

With our software it is very easy to create a personalized diet.

We at LC software surl have created two versions, one free and one for a fee that can be used indifferently by both users / patients and professionals.

Although LC diet 3 Professional is more suitable for nutritionists or more demanding users.

We recommend in any case the purchase of LC Diet 3 Professional to have a complete product for all your needs.